The lady of the hour was hitched in 2004 to on-screen character Zin Ley Le Oo, who was once adored by her long-lasting short hair.

Despite the fact that the couple had been away from expressions of the human experience since their marriage, fans despite everything recollect Zin and Kyi Lwin Oo and the couple despite everything recalling the day, and Zin and Lueo Leu Oo halted the work and dealt with their three youngsters.

Today, May 28, is the sixteenth commemoration of the couple’s marriage.

At 16 years old, Zarni stated, “Upbeat Anniversary, 15 years back, today was as energizing today as it was today. I have been hitched for a long time. “I love you like never before, and I love you all the more tomorrow.”

Zarni and Kyi Lei Oo have been adoring each other for as long as 16 years, and Zin and Kyi Lwin Oo additionally petitioned God for an upbeat family with their caring family for the following 16 years.


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