As I am a lovely lady, I have assumed a job in a madam dramatization and got a ton of approval from the cast of Vilayana. She says that the present C O V I D-19 pestilence is as yet a sheltered circumstance, so it is as yet important to remain at home.

The wonderful princess Moe Thar Moe said that the C O V I D-19 calamity was a long way from safe, and that all expected to remain at home.

“We take care more than expected. We likewise have a few arrangements to restart the film. Be that as it may, in every one of these cases, it is difficult to deal with all the individuals who need to remain at home.

In the present scene of “Adoration”, Jian Kanchan and his “infant young lady”, Moe, who has been enamored with his fans, is giving more consideration to the C O V I D-19 pestilence.


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