Sai Kyaing and his fans gave a bit of respirator worth Ks 220 million to the Yangon Region government early today. With respect to gift, Sai Kham Hai said on informal organization: “at the beginning of today the Rangoon government gave a ventilator to the Birthday Show, and the respirator will be set at the Pyongyang Hospital.

The respirator will be valued at the first cost of 220,000 kyats, yet with my markdown and swapping scale transforms, I currently need to pay just 197,000 kyats at the hour of installment, so I despite everything have $ 539,860 for the gift. I might want to make another gift. This gift is a sum of 797 million kyats worth of gifts to my fans, companions and partners on the Birthday Show.

Today, I likewise gave 100 million kyats from Zaw Min (Mingalar Cinema). Much obliged to all of you! “


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