The previous evening, Case-155 (Case-155), a bamboo and block/sand/stone exchanging specialist, secured his home this night and sent his family to the Quarantine Center. As per U Nyan Win, a 48-year-elderly person from the 164-road, who had been hospitalized on April 25 at the Rangoon General Hospital, he had been experiencing clinical treatment and had been analyzed and affirmed as a patient.

“His activity is in the pastry kitchen industry,” said U Nyan Win. I sell bamboo. The subsequent business is blocks and cement. Sand We sell stones. They said it was available to be purchased in North Dagon. He became sick on the 25th. At the point when he became ill, he instructed me to go to the tomb. Toward the finish of the visit, the priest would not go to the treatment community in Tamwe Township. This happened when we showed up at Yangon General Hospital.

As of now, the patient will be moved from the Yangon General Hospital to South Okkalapa Hospital, where he was secured on the square and showered in the city with his better half, his significant other, two kids and two kids. His significant other had an uncle. They are going to the emergency clinic to get them. He advised me to keep a tight fit in the huge box. The patient was without a care in the world. It’s excessively slender. There is a sure infection. I don’t have a clue what the reason is, “said Nyan Win.

As per the Ministry of Health and Sports, Case-155 is the main instance of four new patients distinguished in the 8 pm articulation discharged on May 8 at 8 pm.


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