There is no offer yet, and Yatana discloses to us that she has never done a film with her sister Thant who is chipping away at the film.

In a meeting, when Yatana came back to work in craftsmanship, she additionally needed to film with her sister, Thant Ba. Co-chief is right now an effective model just as working in an acting job.

“No two sisters have offered to do a film. In the event that you have the chance to shoot, you need to shoot. They will likewise battle with them. Since you have a propensity for heading off to the educator. He was rarely free. ”

Presently Chantra will film a narrative entitled “Let It Be in the Co-usable Archives”. “This is the principal film in her life,” she said. My sister is hitched in this film. The arrangements for this film resemble the outfits and the ensembles. Previously, I had never acted in a senior job. Since I need to assume a more established job, the film is for both me and me. It was the primary involvement with the arrangement. ”

Chief Thein Han (Winnin) will film the narrative film “The Hokkaido” in the National Archives. Htoo Aung: Dear Brother! Kyaw Brother Nanda, Thein Lin Soe, It was an extraordinary day. Chief Awards, Academy Awards, My dear Oo! Han Lay and Shwe Yin Aye will play the lead entertainers.

The film will be created by Media 7. The couple have been hitched to spouse Kyaw Lin since 2012. After the marriage, there was minimal creative movement. White meat The fans were given a ton of motivation through the TV plugs, which included the long haired and the adorable. It was then that the arrangement kept recording until the marriage. From that point forward, the work has been continued through the promoting business.


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