The case was heard today by the Eastern District Court, where the on-screen character Moe Aung Yin’s case was excused. Khin Myint Aung, ex, has been sued in Yankin court for misrepresentation. Khin Myat Thu reacted that today the court had dismissed the change by the eastern area court today.

They are unfilled. I am additionally satisfied with the request. The court additionally settled on the correct choice. As of now, there is a court hearing in Yankin court on the ninth. In the event that the case is here, they will battle for them, “he said.

Examiner Robert San Aung said the court dismissed the change of Moe Aung’s case in light of the fact that the court dismissed the correction. It is said that the instance of the Yankee Court is just substantial. On the off chance that this isn’t acknowledged, there is the chance to keep on submitting to the Yangon Region Supreme Court for the arrangement of a case.

At a court hearing on May 25, Khin Myat told media that the on-screen character Moe Aung Yin’s case had been documented with the Eastern District Court. Moe Aung has been missing for preliminary in court. It is additionally announced that Ma Khine Myint’s mentality towards Moe Aung Myint, who is very nearly a court preliminary.

“It’s a matter of what you can’t see. He is expected to show up in court in the eastern region court on May 29. His previous sweetheart, Aung San Suu Kyi, has documented an extortion case in Yankin Township Court.

Entertainer Moe Aung, who was accused of Section 417 under falsifications, was made sure about with an aggregate of 100 million kyat ($ 100) at a court on December 13. He was sued after a meeting with an online media source. Area 417, which was recorded against on-screen character Moe Aung, is a misrepresentation offense, deserving of as long as three years in jail. Regardless of whether fined or not. The Penal Code gives that both crook and common punishments can be forced.


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