Mawlamyaing NWT Booth Supported Employers’ Contribution with 100 Million Lives

Worked by the business’ family with a promise of 100 lakh kyat, Win Tin Nwe, twelfth Street, Mawlamyine Township, Mon State San Nwe family, who worked with her, Ne Win Thu Nwe Thwe, who worked with her, worked more than 40 distinct employments at NWT’s Mawlamyine.

Give nourishment things, for example, rice/oil/onion, red onion/fish box/cleanser/cleanser/espresso/noodles, and give more than $ 100,000 to Nanda and the business’ family. He additionally gave a gift of K1 million to the Mawlamyine RESCUE Social Relief Society, a global foundation to assist the individuals.

I truly value your gift and genuinely value your soul of help.

I might likewise want to laud Ne Win’s family for their assistance in arranging this occasion, and they have over and over approached individuals who don’t have genuine hands to grow up.


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